Review: Artisan Center Theater's BRIGADOON transports audience to Scottish Highlands

The Creative Team of Artisan Theatre brings us 


Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Leowe

Reviewed by Grant Palmore

Do you hear that sound? Echoing from the hills, the sweet harmonies of Brigadoon beckon you visit. “Come ye to the fair,” the townsfolk sing from the streets.. After seeing their production, I add my voice to their eager refrain! “Come ye to the fair” … today!

The Artisan creative team bring together a magical presentation of Lerner & Lowe’s classic golden age musical Brigadoon (Asst. Stage Manager Sarah Flick). The play, performed in the round, utilizes their entire space to transport you to the sacred natural landscape of the Scottish highlands with clever staging, creatively hand-crafted set pieces and picturesque projections (Set Design by Stori Lauritzen, Set Build by Hayden Casey, Lighting Design by Seth Merrifield and Stephen Jakubik). The excellent costumes further ground the action in the world (Costumes by Nita Cadenhead).

The play follows the path of two lost American travelers on a hike in the wilds of Scotland: the bright-eyed
Tommy Albright (played by Devon Watkins with sincere charm) and his world-weary friend Jeff Douglas (played by Charles Connon with appealing dry wit). While wandering, they encounter the mysterious town of Brigadoon beset with townsfolk gathering for a fair and celebration.

Amid the town are the Maclaren family: including smitten bride-to-be Jean (played by Piper Daniel with pleasant innocence), her dutiful older sister Fiona (played by Cait Perkinson with sweet honesty and lovely voice) and their wisecracking father Andrew (played by Travis Miller with effective humor). Along with them are several other unique standout neighbors: Fiona’s dear friend Meg Brockie (played with lusty hilarity by scene-stealing Faith Hope), Jean’s betrothed Charlie Dalrymple (played by Nathanael Clark with fun charisma and excellent voice), wise Mr. Lundie (played by Evan Farris with sage understanding) and Jean’s angst-ridden unrequited Harry Beaton (played by Ethan Brown with convincing anguish) – to name a few. Quickly, Fiona and Meg welcome the two sojourners into their midst and guide them through the world of Brigadoon.

Mr. Watkins and Ms. Perkinson both have easy rapport together onstage. Perkinson’s enchanting voice floats effortlessly through the upper strata of Fiona’s ballads, while Watkins delivers his powerful baritone with excellent clarity. Their duets “Almost Like Being In Love,” and “From This Day On,” were particularly memorable in their beauty. Mr. Clark also impresses in his upbeat jig “I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean,” and his heartwarming serenade “Come to Me, Bend to Me.” Some of the show's most hilarious moments were delivered by Ms. Hope's performance — particularly in her two engaging tongue-twisted songs: “The Love of My Life,” and “My Mother’s Wedding Day.” Hope’s Meg is a treat to see, and her performance is remarkable.

Throughout the production, the Townsfolk perform Lerner & Lowe’s intricate and beloved score impressively, often with exuberant choreography (Music Direction by Christina Major Davis, Choreography by Hayden Beaty) — “Vendor’s Song,” “Waitin’ On My Dearie,” and the “Finale,” were particularly well done (Sound Design by Thomas Bartke, Sound Tech by Luca Austin and Connor Jakubik). 

Seize your opportunity to see this delightful and energetic show before it vanishes into the mist! Brigadoon plays from Friday, May 19 - Saturday, June 24, at Artisan Center Theater in Hurst, Texas. Get your tickets today at

Run Time: 2 hours 15 minutes, 15 minute intermission

Audience Rating: PG

Accessible Seating: Available 

Hearing Devices: Not available

Sensory Friendly Performance: Not Available

Production Sound Level: Comfortable volume level 

Noises or Visuals to Prepare For: Flashing lights & fog used

Check it out!

Grant Palmore