Review: Firehouse Theatre's NEWSIES, SEIZE THE DAY is Powerful and Profound!

Newsies, Seize the Day

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Jack Feldman
Book by Harvey Fierstein
Based on the Disney Film by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White
Directed by Kris Allen
Music Directed by Kristal Sied

Reviewed by Aubrey Tarantino

I don’t know how The Firehouse Theatre manages to pull the most spectacular talent for every show they do, but the people who put together these productions are outstanding at what they do. While their latest show, Newsies, has a cast list that reads like a mini novel, every actor manages to stand out in their own way and everyone’s talents are clearly being utilized to their fullest extent. What’s most exciting is that this production is a particularly timely one about the power that people have to enact change when they stick together and lean on one another. 

For a bit more context, Newsies follows a group of New York City newsboys as they navigate unfair working conditions, exploitation, and ultimately what it means to stand up for themselves. The leader of the newsies is Jack Kelly, played by Max Morgan. Morgan has a stage presence that commands your attention and keeps you fully engaged. He has a smooth, yet powerful, voice that fits this role nicely and is clearly born to be a leader. I especially loved him with his sidekick, Crutchie¸ who is played by Tyler Halbrooks. Halbrooks plays this role in an authentic and embodied way that makes you feel like he has an intimate understanding of this character, as if they’ve been friends all their life. Halbrooks isn’t the only one who makes the audience feel their passion, though. Emily Frerich, who plays Katherine, a journalist who is helping the newsies, was just as impressive. Frerich has a quick wit that makes the audience laugh again and again. She’s simply a natural at acting, with a clear voice that would fill even the biggest of stages. I hope to see Frerich in whatever she does next, because I already know she will be spectacular. 

We also meet a woman by the name of Medda along this journey. Medda is the owner of a vaudeville-style theater, and tends to help the newsies when they need it most. Medda is played by Taylor D. Williams, who garners one of the biggest cheers from the audience, because she’s such a powerhouse. Williams has a voice that knows how to hold every note fully, as if the notes were made just for her. We also meet brothers Davey, played by Galileo Segura, and Les, played by Lola Chabot, who end up becoming newsies to help their family. Segura and Chabot were a great pairing, and both were so much fun to watch. Segura has a sturdiness about him that makes him the perfect sounding board for Jack, and Chabot is very charismatic and a joy to watch. This review wouldn’t be complete, of course, without mentioning the “villain” of the story, Joseph Pulitzer, the man who owns the paper company that is creating the unfair working conditions for the newsies. Pulitzer is played by Beau Dameron. Dameron is the perfect person for this role. He has gravitas, wonderful timing, and knows when to play up certain lines to elicit specific responses. 

Newsies is a powerful story with a powerful cast! The newsies have amazing dance numbers that are squeaky clean and the robustness of the chorus stuns the audience every time the chorus sings. This production is a masterclass in how Musical Theatre should be done! It is fun, quick, energetic, and packed full of talent. You do not want to miss this show! Newsies runs through August 13th, so make sure you get your tickets now at

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Audience Rating: PG (Mild Action/Smoking)

Run Time: 2 hours 20 minutes, 15 minute intermission

Accessible Seating: Available 

Hearing Devices: Not available

Sensory Friendly Performance: Not Available

ASL Performance: Not Available

Production Sound Level: Comfortable volume level 

Noises or Visuals to Prepare For: Loud vocals may be startling to some individuals