News: SHE BANGS SHE BANGS comes to Hearsay in Arlington, Sept 21 at 7pm

Meet Jennifer Bangs. After surviving a toxic marriage, Jennifer is back to real life and banging down the door! Through story, song and comedy, our girl has found healing and a place in this world all her own! Get ready to experience this one-in-a-lifetime, (almost) one-woman-show! 

Get to know Jennifer on an even more personal level in this exclusive interview, below! 

1. Is this a personal story, or one in which you relate to in some way?
Jennifer: Personal It's a true story.

2. What is your inspiration behind performing this show?
Jennifer: I wrote it for three reasons: a.I didn't see any honest conversations about affairs, b.I wanted to encourage people who are fighting for their marriages alone, and c. whenever I would tell people parts of my story they were always fascinated, so I thought, what the heck, let's write a show!

3. How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Jennifer: I'd describe myself as an artist who is always searching for truth. Truth in the moment. Truth in my message. Truth is how someone receives what I'm giving. And I strive for excellence and integrity. I want to give people the best show I possibly can. I'm an artist who believes in honing your craft, presenting it as pristinely as you can, and in turn elevating everyone around you because hopefully they've just experienced something special.

4. Challenge Question: What are you most hopeful about, right now, in this moment of your life? 
Jennifer: I'm most hopeful about DFW becoming an artistic capitol. I've lived and worked on both coasts. Hollywood and NYC historically have been the world's capitols of entertainment - not anymore. Since the pandemic, all that's changed. Broadway shut down. Hollywood shut down. And now there are ongoing entertainment union strikes. Artists are leaving the coasts and people are fleeing to Texas. DFW has a lot of freedom, a lot of money, and a lot of common sense. I'd like to combine those incredible qualities with art. 


With Jennifer Bangs

Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus is a cross between stand up, theatre, and a live band/rock show. Based on a true story with popular music by Alanis Morissette, Alicia Keys, Bob Seger, Lerner & Loewe, Loretta Lynn and Jay-Z.  


For almost ten years a woman fought for her marriage as her husband cheated on her, abused her, and eventually left her. Believing in marriage and miracles, she stayed and prayed and won her husband home. Years later she had an affair with a married man. Having watched marriage from both sides – first as the waiting wife and then as the mistress - she shares what she's found through story and song. Her tale may surprise you. It will at least make you laugh.


“A theatrical event that will leave you breathless and full of optimism. Through music and memories, rarely have I seen someone with such a gift for combining humor and hope among the challenges of a family in transition. Jennifer’s show will stay with you long after it has ended; simply put, she is a storyteller like no other.” – Brian Feinstein 


Jennifer Bangs - Narrator/Singer 

Bill Devoe - Drummer/Musical Director

Tanner Linscott- Piano/Guitar 

Patrick Schaider- Bass 


September 21, 2023 @ 7pm. Show runs approximately 75 min with no intermission. The show is at Hearsay in Arlington in Choctaw Stadium. Address is 1711 E. Randol Mill Rd., Arlington 76011. Tickets are $45 and can be bought at the door or reserved at 

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