Review: The Mocky Horror Picture Show drop kicks the movie STREET FIGHTER like never before!


Mocky Horror Picture Show: Street Fighter

Comedians: Danny Gallagher, Liz Barksdale and Albie Robles

Reviewed by Andrew and Natalie Shaw

Actual Family Conversation, as we write this review:

Natalie: Did you play Street Fighter as a kid?
Andrew: (nods head in agreement)
Natalie: Did you own the game?
Andrew: (shakes head in disagreement)
Natalie: Did you have friends who did?
Andrew: (nods head in agreement)
Natalie: Did your parents let you play it?
Andrew: Yeah... why?
Natalie: Mine did not. I had to play it with my cousins when my parents didn't know.
Our 8 year old Son: (interrupting) Can I play it?
Natalie and Andrew: No way, Bro.

Street Fighter, the game was one of the best-kept-secrets-from-my-parents I (Natalie) ever had! I loved kicking some virtual martial arts fighter butt! But, growing up in the bible belt meant that this kind of thing wasn't "lady-like" (barf!) And, although we're not worried about our 8 year old son acting like a perfect little gentleman all the time, you should know that he's already pretty high energy, so, unless I want to see picture frames karate chopped off my wall, it's best we keep his video game fun to much calmer games, like Minecraft. 

Street Fighter, the movie, was the biggest let down there may have ever been as a kid growing up in the 90s. Here I was, excited to see some epic movie battles take place, by the awesome American street fighter character: Guile, played by the one and only Jean Claude Van Damme. Little did I know how epically awful Van Damme's acting skills were and utterly terrible this plot line was going to be. Yes, many of the characters from the video game were present, but, that's really about all there was. The plot and the characters had essentially nothing in common with the video game. And the fight scenes? The fight scenes were pathetic! There were no round house kicks to the face; there was no flying through the air with outrageous karate chops; there were no fancy back flips while dodging your opponent. None of that. Nothing! 

The Mocky Horror Crew, made up of Danny Gallagher, Liz Barkdale and Albie Robles take us back to that terrible day when we first discovered that Jean Claude Van Damme may be the worst actor on the planet, Street Fighter is definitely one of the worst movies ever made in history, and special effects from the 1990s continue to be comical. But, Street Fighter (the game) is still a super cool game to play, stealth boats are still pretty dope and American flag tattoos are still pretty bad ass. 

One night each month, Gallagher and his comic friends meet at The Texas Theatre to riff, yet another, awesomely bad movie. And, although there's only one performance, it's still the best way to make crappy movies entertaining. Some jokes are deep cuts and high comedy, while most are low-brow humor, appropriate for kids older than ten. And, it's not just the jokes that are fun! Each viewing contains a theme-inspired goodie bag with goofy props for each patron, which encourage viewers to participate in the, especially bad, highlighted moments of the movie. You'll be included in special sound effects, chants and cheers, and you might, if you're lucky, get to throw something in the direction of the big screen-- all without being asked to leave by the theater staff or listening to the "Karens" complain to the manager about it. 

Check out Mocky Horror Picture Show's Facebook page to find out what awesomely bad movie they'll riff next! 

Y'all Enjoy!

Natalie and Andrew

Audience Rating: PG
Running Time: About 2 hours
Accessible Seating: Available
Hearing Devices: Not Available
ASL Showing: Not Available
Sensory Friendly Showing: Not Available
Noises and Visuals to Prepare For: Group Participation with sound effects and occasional objects thrown