Auditions: CenterStage Theatre Works, THE ADVENTURES OF SPECTRUM SPARKS, video submissions due by March 24


The Adventures of Spectrum Sparks Audition Notice



Auditioners must be 18+ to audition. CenterStage Theatre Works is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in casting. As such, we encourage performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and ages (for this show, 18+) to attend every audition.  We expect all actors to exercise respect for each other to allow us to have a safe and inclusive environment to practice their craft.


Actors should submit the following by March 24 at 11:59 pm:

  • Audition form found at:
  • Because this production is for young audiences, your storytelling ability and comedy are important to us for this audition. We want to see your comedic capabilities and your creativity!
  • Strong physical theatre, improv, and devised theatre skills are what we are looking for in this cast. If you do not have those skills, but this appeals to you — please submit anyway!
  • Neurodivergent / autistic actors: We want representation from you in this cast!


ACTORS: On the audition form, please include links to your headshot, rèsumè, and videos (placed on YouTube or Vimeo) that include the following:

         • headshot and rèsumè

         • 60-90 second comedic monologue (if includes physicality, even better!)

         • 60-90 second “story.” Tell us a story – make it up or retell something you know. Use a character voice (or not).


Callbacks should be sent out to auditioners by March 25 at 11:59 pm. Sides and location will be provided. In-person callbacks will be March 27 and/or March 28. Virtual/video callbacks for non-local auditioners will be due by 11:59 pm March 28.



Each actor and swing will receive a stipend (TBD) for the initial run of July 11-14. Payment for any additional shows booked will be disclosed in the actor agreement at the beginning of rehearsal.



Rehearsals will be finalized after conflicts are received but initially they will be Mon-Thurs evenings (6-10) and Saturday days (with a possibility of Sunday afternoons) in Frisco/McKinney starting on June 20 through July 10. July 7 we will move to Frisco Discovery Center Black Box for tech. If you have conflicts for these rehearsals, that does not exclude you from auditioning, but please communicate that upfront. 



The Adventures of Spectrum Sparks will be approximately 45-60 minutes of performance time and will have 7 performances at the Frisco Discovery Black Box. We may add some additional dates to “tour” locally during the summer (Allen/Fairview, Richardson, Grapevine, etc.) and we will try to communicate those dates to the cast by May 1.


Current scheduled performances for this production are:


Thursday, July 11:  11 am and 2 pm


Friday, July 12: 11 am and 2 pm


Saturday, July 13: 11 am and 2 pm


Sunday, July 14:  2 pm


The Adventures of Spectrum Sparks is around 45 min to 60 min performance time and will have 7 performances from July 11-15 at the Frisco Discovery Black Box. We may add some additional dates to “tour” locally during the summer (Allen/Fairview, Richardson, Grapevine, etc.) and we will try to communicate those dates to the cast by May 1.




This interactive play is about a robot, Spectrum Sparks, who is a little bit “different.” The actors will work with small groups of audience members to create pieces that fit together to make Spectrum complete.


It is designed to satisfy the following learning objectives:


  • Recognizing diversity: different types of people, different personalities, different abilities, different appearances
  • Expressing emotions: we all express our emotions in different ways and need to be able to express them safely and have healthy coping skills lending itself to emotional literacy.
  • Developing empathy: Through the play’s story and characters, the audience will have an opportunity to see an event through other peoples’ eyes, fostering a greater understanding of human emotions.
  • Finding empowerment: learning how to voice your feelings and thoughts and express yourself and your ideas to contribute to a collaboration with others.
  • Inclusivity and acceptance: Even though we are different, there should be understanding and a shared humanity where we understand the importance of respecting others’ ideas and feelings even if they are different from ours.
  • Creative expression: Being able to create a friend will allow children to use imaginative skills and explore their creativity and blending different ideas.
  • Critical thinking: The problem to be solved relies on everyone combining ideas (earlier creations) and creating a new item from the individual parts. 



For the well-being of our actors and theatregoers, we promote a healthy and safe environment. We reserve the right to require masks or other precautions if COVID-19 conditions change in our area. If actors develop symptoms, you may be asked to follow current COVID protocols. We are an independent theatre and rely on other rented physical venues and spaces to perform our shows. When problems occur, we cannot extend our run. For this reason, we will  cast two swings for all  roles so that our show “will go on.”



All roles are available.


*Note: Ages and gender identities are those of the character, not the auditioner. All listed identifiers are in accordance with the agreement with MTI and the options provided by the book writers in the script. CenterStage Theatre Works is committed to diverse casting for all our productions and it is an important tenet of our creative team.  We welcome and encourage actors to audition without regard to ethnicity, gender, experiences, or abilities.


Additionally. This Theatre for Sensory Challenges production has small  audiences of neurodivergent and autistic children ages 4-10 plus early learners ages 3-6. You must be comfortable performing for younger audiences and be willing to engage and interact with them as your character.


The Roles


Spectrum Sparks (the robot fresh off the assembly line that is quirky and imperfect and needs some help from the audience with their development)


5-7 other actors who will use physical theatre, devised theatre, and improv to engage and interact with the audience and tell the story.