Audition: LOVE, LIES AND THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA, Audition Dates: June 4-5

 Audition Notice:

Runway Theatre 

is excited to hold auditions for 

Love, Lies & The Doctor’s Dilemma

by Michael Parker and Susan Parker 

Directed by Logan Gabriel Frederick, this modern farce is full of mistaken identity and hilarious

misconceptions made by a zany cast. The production features characters who span in age from their late 20’s to mid 40’ or older.

Audition Dates: June 4 th and 5th at 7:00 p.m.

Audition Location: Runway Theater - 215 N. Dooley Street Grapevine, TX 76051

Audition Details:

What do I need for auditions? 

The audition will consist of cold readings from sides.

Any additional questions may be sent to Please do not call the box office.

Production Synopsis:

A love nest explodes as identities crisscross when widow Joan, who has fallen for her gardener. To hide theirrelationship from her overbearing (and famous) sister-in-law, Joan fibs. Suddenly, her gardener-turned-love-turned-fake-psychiatrist knows too much but gets it all wrong. The hilarity rounds out with a mob enforcer who’s lost his spark, a free-spirited neighbor with a penchant for Joan’s “special” brownies, and Joan’s down-and-out son. Ordinary circumstances take a dramatic turn as one little lie leads to a whole lot of crazy. It’s agood thing the doctor is in! 

Rated PG-13

Character Information:

JOAN SCHELLER - (Age 45+) - A middle-aged widow, she lives with her former gardener, Sandy. She is unconventional and free spirited. She doesn't seem to care what others think of her, except her sister-in-law Olivia who seems to dominate her in some strange way. In fact, she and Sandy grow small amounts of marijuana for their personal recreational use in a white washed green house, they call the "potting shed." Neither her son Chris, nor Olivia, are aware of Joan's penchant for marijuana, or her relationship with Sandy. As Joan interacts with each of the characters, she is quick thinking and resourceful. Her seemingly innocent white lies create chaos and confusion throughout the play.

SANDY - (Age 45+) - An easy going, mild mannered guy who appears to be in love with Joan. He was in fact her gardener, who began working for her after her husband died. At the very beginning of the play, Sandy and Joan are kissing on the couch, when Olivia arrives unexpectedly and almost catches them. Joan, afraid of Olivia's disapproval, introduces Sandy, as Dr. Gardener her psychiatrist, and explains they were simply having a session. Joan has left him no choice but to go along with her deception. Little does he realize that he will be in great demand as a psychiatrist for the rest of the play.

VINNY THE ENFORCER - (Age 40+) - The quintessential Italian mobster. He dresses like one, he talks like one, and he carries, in a concealed shoulder holster, a magnum 45, which he does not hesitate to show to everyone. He is looking for Joan's son, Chris, who has accumulated considerable gambling debts and who is now on the run from the mob. Although he appears tough, we later learn this is all bluff and bluster as he turns out to be a sensitive pussy-cat. He has a rough, New Jersey accent.

OLIVIA ST. CLAIRE - (Age 40+) - Joan's sister-in-law. A wealthy, aging movie star, who never enters a room, but always "makes an entrance." A well meaning, but overbearing woman, she asserts her authority upon everyone, especially Joan, whom she sees as weak and incapable of taking care of herself, since her husband's death. Joan, embarrassed to let Olivia know that her son is in debt to the mob, creates yet another deception, and introduces Vinny as her security guard. Olivia appears to be quite taken with the rough and street smart Vinny.

RACHAEL - (Age 20+) - Joan's new neighbor. She seems to live in her own world, constantly being nosey and taking liberties. She continually refers to disastrous incidents in her life and we soon see why they happened. With her flighty demeanor and malapropisms, you're left to wonder how she ever survives in life. She is, however, a sweet, thoughtful, and kind woman.

CHRIS - (Age 20+) - Joan's son is on the run from the mob. He is seemingly out of work, and living a care free life. He does not seem to take his situation very seriously. Joan, however, takes it extremely seriously and, fearful for his safety, persuades him to masquerade as her daughter, Christina. Later in the play, we discover that he, in fact, works for the FBI as an undercover agent.

Runway Theatre

215 N Dooley St.

Grapevine, TX 76051

(817) 488-4842 


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